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Anime Merchandise - What Type of Anime Merchandise Do You Like?



Anime merchandise, licensed or not, is a hot item these days. With the popularity of Japanese animation, there are hundreds of companies who want otoscopes, shot glasses, key chains, posters and... you get the idea. The question is, "Is it worth it?" Keep reading to find out!


Cost is always relative. Anime merchandise and branded clothes definitely tend to be more expensive than fan made animation movies or shows like Spongebob. When you consider anime merchandise's price tag, which can easily top a few hundred dollars, it's easy to see how it compares to toys, books, movies and CDs. If you believe that anime merchandise is really expensive, these are probably the reasons:


Anime statues and busts are absolutely gorgeous pieces of Otakuchanmerchandise. They're something else entirely. One of the things that make animes statues and busts so awesome is how realistic they look. With the amount of detail and effort that goes into the molds, the statues become alive in the show. That's what keeps fans from letting the television or video game version do the work.


If you have kids, chances are good that they are fans of anime merchandise. Kids absolutely love to collect these things and to display them. Some of the items that are hot among kids are... body pillows, shirts and jackets, cardigans, and... you get the picture. It doesn't matter if you're searching for a kimono pillow for your little girl or a cute t-shirt for your son, chances are good that you'll hit on some type of anime character or design. Some people like to collect only certain types of anime characters or design, so if you don't have any Shinto figures or body pillows in your collection, I highly suggest going after them.


One of the most popular anime figures is a plain looking plushie. These are always a nice addition to any collection because they are so versatile and realistic looking. Body pillows are nice, but it is the faces and hair that really appeal to fans of thisgenre of merchandising. While they can be plain and not really decorative or "pop" (grow) them up with accessories or paint, there is nothing quite as cute as a plushie that has one or more poses on them.


Anime figurines are also popular, but their popularity has been on the rise recently. There are a lot of different types of statues out there that you can purchase to add to your collection, but the one thing that has really jumped out at me are "Meez" statues. I am not the one that normally buy these, but I have seen a few of them on eBay and they are awesome! Usually, an Anime figurine will come with a display stand included and will be about three or four inches in size. While the Meez figurine is about half the size of the average Anime figurine, it still looks great and can be an excellent addition to your own collection! See more facts on clothing at https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/clothing.